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Program Summary

Welcome to the Rocklin FC Competitive Program. Our program is unique to the Placer County area in that we have teams playing at the highest level of NorCal Premier League play while supporting the multi-sport athlete. We have trained coaches that are paired with quality trainers that work together to bring a superior soccer experience to your family.

Rocklin FC Competitive typically has two teams per gender/age group, Navy and White. Navy is the 1st team and White the 2nd team. The level which the teams play is determined on the teams overall level. Navy typically plays in the top Premier or Gold divisions and the White team in the Silver or Bronze divisions.

Rocklin FC Competitive fees 2019

Competitive Program Fees - All competitive fees will be paid electronically though the Rocklin FC website with registration fees due upon making a team, remaining competitive program fees can be paid in either a one time payment, 3 installments (July, Oct, Feb) or 10 monthly installments (July-April).


2019 Competitive Fees U9-U19 (Registration + Program Development fee)



U9- U19:  $250 per player Club Registration*

*Registration package for 2019 will include the following items - US club registration, Fall & Spring league team registration, Team Goalkeeper training, college fit finder membership for players U14-U19)

Additionally changes for the 2019/2020 season no longer requires teams to secure a $400 sponsorship due to the club and raffle tickets are no longer an additional cost (10 tickets will be rolled into each registration package)

For U8 fees please visit


Competitive Program development fee

*Navy Teams - $650 ($65 over 10 months or $217 in 3 installments)

Navy Teams will have paid licensed coach and practice a minimum of 10 times per month on average throughout the season.


**White teams (U9-U11) - $500 ($50 over 10 months or  3 installments of $167)

White teams at U9-U11 have a volunteer coach and will be trained by the age group leader (Navy Coach) two times per week for the duration of the whole season to facilitate player development with an additional session optional to the volunteer coach. 


***White teams (U12-U19) - $400 ($40 over 10 months or three installments of $134)

White teams at U12 - U19 have a volunteer coach and will be trained by a club retained coach once per week through the whole season to facilitate player development.


****In some situations where either a volunteer coach can not be identified, White teams may have the option to utilize a paid coach - applicable navy team fees will apply.



 Adidas Uniform Package Approx $200 (two game jerseys, two pair of socks (white and navy required), and one pair of shorts). Practice Jerseys are team specific $10 each.


Team Fees/Tournaments

Team Fees for tournaments & State Cup vary between teams and are encouraged to be offset by fundraising and sponsors.

Competitive Program Fee Breakdown

Player Development – 37%

·         Coaching/Training

·         Coach Education

·         Player Education

Fields – 25%

·         Maintenance

·         Rentals

·         Equipment

·         Lights

·         Set up labor & Marking costs

·         MOU agreements

Referees – 20%

·         Referee Coordinator and Assignor Fees

·         Referee Fees

·         Clinics and Instruction

Club Operational Staff – 15%

·         Director of Soccer Operations

·         Club Administrator

·         Club Treasurer

·         Club Accountant

Office & Facility Rental – 2%

·         Rocklin FC Office

·         UPS

·         Meeting/conference spaces

·         Utilities

General Operations – 1%