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Camps & Clinics

Portland Timber's Andres Flores

With Thanksgiving around the corner, get ready for an exciting soccer experience with an extraordinary guest! We're thrilled to announce that Andres Flores, ex-Portland Timbers player and current MLS Next Pro coach, will join us throughout the break, sharing invaluable insights and experiences with us.

Andres Flores, known as "Ruso," boasts an impressive career history, notably with A.D. Isidro Metapán, New York Cosmos, and the Portland Timbers. He's made his mark internationally, participating in prestigious tournaments with the El Salvador national team.

As a special guest at our Thanksgiving camps & clinics, Andres Flores will offer exclusive insights, valuable tips, and personalized coaching, providing an unforgettable learning experience for all participants. 

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from one of soccer's finest talents! Limited spots are available, so ensure to secure your place promptly. Join us in celebrating this Thanksgiving with an unforgettable soccer experience.


Embrace the golden opportunity to train with none other than the revered Andres Flores in intimate, small-group settings. Elevate your game as you receive firsthand guidance from a seasoned MLS professional, honing your skills and techniques under his expert tutelage. Beyond the invaluable training experience, seize the chance to showcase your talent directly to the discerning eyes of the Portland Timbers' scouting network. With Andres Flores' insight and expertise, you'll have the platform to demonstrate your potential and secure a pathway to potential stardom within the ranks of one of the MLS's most iconic teams. Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to refine your craft and potentially pave your way into the elite world of professional soccer.

Step into the world of professional coaching with our exclusive clinic, open to coaches of all levels eager to explore the inner workings of the Portland Timbers' MLS environment. Discover the art of game day preparations, as we unveil the strategies that drive success on the field, regardless of your team's level. Dive into the realm of game day analysis, and learn the methods behind making crucial decisions under pressure. Delve into the world of performance analysis, where you'll unlock the secrets to nurturing a culture of excellence within your team. Join us on this transformative journey, where you'll gain valuable insights from the pros and hone your coaching skills to propel your team to new heights, regardless of your current level of experience.